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   Car creation
 Basic Info for Car Modelers Stecki 
 Car physics - reference (ruud reference guide) Ruud van Gaal 
 Parts That Make Up a Car Model and How They Relate to the Car.ini Stecki 
 Tutorial : making the Lotus Elise Mk1 Razvan Maftei 
 Tutorial: making a car Razvan Maftei 
   Track creation
 Blender > Racer - get you started with the wonderful world of track making Sillyseat 
 Modeler Material Settings Explanation Ryan T 
 Tabulated Splines Tutorial (Useful for lofting Tracks) Ryan T 
 How to do windows and fancy bits like that Raro 
 Making Shaders for Racer v0.5.2b7.9+ f50 
   3D Software Tutorial
 3D Studio Max: Simple lofting tutorial N/A 
 MAYA: Exporting Your Model Stecki 
 MAYA: Setting up for Racer Stecki 
 Z-Modeler : Making Z-Modeler Work For You Ryan T 
 Z-Modeler DOF Export Tutorial Ryan T 
 3D Studio Max: Mod√©lisation en LPM (Low Polygon Modeling) (French) - Titoo 
 Nombreux tutoriel 3ds Max (French)  

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